5 Reasons to Consider Getting an Integrated Security System for Your Business

The main difference between a burglary and a robbery is the use of force and intimidation. A burglar steals things in secret while nobody is looking. A robber openly steals things from their victims by threatening them with physical violence.

To prevent either crime from taking place in your office or commercial space, security measures and systems must be properly set.

Traditional padlocks, shutters, bollards and grilles offer protection, but are not sufficient by themselves to ensure the full security of your business establishment. These mechanical security precautions are still the first line of defense against burglars and robbers, but they can either be forcibly opened or skilfully bypassed, so additional layers of protection must also be installed.

An integrated security system can be the best solution for your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in such a system.

1. It is cost-effective

Compared to multiple but separate security systems, an integrated system can be more cost-effective because of standardization. Instead of separately buying different systems and hiring multiple contractors to install them, you can choose just one contractor.

You can compare various contractors and choose the one who offers the most reasonable fees. The contractor will also be your supplier and may be able to provide you the best package and discounts. Choose a contractor that offers long-term warranties on maintenance.

2. It is efficient and reliable

An integrated system can be more efficient and reliable because of the interconnectedness of the different parts. For example, the alarm sensors can be spread to different areas and connected to different doors, but the siren or alarm sound can be centralized. It can even be connected to mobile devices that can alert the owner and the police if a crime is taking place.

This means that a would-be burglar would need to disable not only the sensors but also the processing units that are located elsewhere in the building. This is an extra built-in layer of protection that can secure your premises more effectively.

3. It enables centralized operation

Centralizing the system will separate the individual sensors, cameras and alarms from the processing units. This offers an advantage as it makes it more difficult for a person to hack the system from the outside. A burglar has to be in the control center to hack the system.

Centralization also means there is a more efficient means of collecting data and better analytics. For instance, face recognition software can be integrated with the security camera systems to allow automatic identification of potential perpetrators.

4. It prevents “inside jobs”

If you have a large store, it would be easier to monitor the behavior of employees at work. Security cameras and RF IDs can prevent not only shoplifting by customers, but also potential thievery by some employees. According to one report, as much as 60% of frauds incidents are committed by insiders.

An integrated security system can also include more sophisticated features like computer passwords, employee tracker and biometrics. A central computer can log the number of hours and work-related behaviors of employees online at work.

5. It allows for better business management and operation

An integrated security system can significantly help in improving the overall management and operation of the business. If you are the manager or proprietor, you will feel a lot safer and you will be better able to focus on customer relations and the actual management of the business rather than on worrying too much about the security. Employees will also feel more secure and motivated.

Whatever the nature of your business may be, you can surely benefit from an integrated security system that helps protect your company premises and assets. You will have better control and experience greater peace of mind.


Michael Dunne created Safecell Security Ltd in 2001 and acquired Authorized Access in 2013. He is now Managing Director of both companies and oversees the strategic development and day to day running of the businesses. Michael has spent over 20 years in the security industry and specialises in the Design, Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning of electrical security systems such as Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Warden Control and Access Control and all Physical security including Key Cutting, Safe & Lock Picking, Suited Key Systems, Automated Barriers & Gates and Shutters, throughout the North West of England.