5 Tips to Follow When Sewage Backup Cleanup Services Kansas City Missouri is Enroute to Fix Your Sewage Issue

Cleaning up the sewage backup of your home is a serious issue to tackle. You could clean the small spills all by yourself, but when it is a major one, you need to hire sewage backup cleanup services Kansas City Missouri to address this issue. Sewage backup is disgustingly contaminated and can pose serious risks to your health if you come in contact with it would protecting yourself. While the professionals are enroute, here are the tips you can follow.

1.       Shut down the electricity and gas

Turn off all the electricity that leads to the affected parts of your home and you may also need to call up your utility company to turn down the gas line that leads to the affected areas. When it comes to all flooding emergencies, we know that water and electricity have never been on good terms. Your safety is the numero uno priority here.

2.       Call a plumber or a septic company ASAP

You will also want to call the plumber or a septic company to look after your home your business as soon as possible in order to halt the flow and begin fixing the source of the issue. Tell everyone who is staying at home or work to not use any sinks or toilers connected to the sewage lines as it will exacerbate the problem that was created in the first place.

3.       Call your insurance company ASAP!

Never forget to call up your insurance company to begin a claim and always keep the claim number handy and ready for the professional sewage cleanup company and the plumber or the septic company when they arrive at the affected site.

4.       Steer clear from the affected area, and I it is necessary to enter, don the PPE or PersonalProtective Equipment

Try your very best to not enter the affected area, but if it is really urgent, always wear the Personal Protective Equipment or PPE like the rubber boots, face shield, rubber gloves, and eye protection.

5.       Take pictures of the affected areas

Capture the pictures of every affected area to show them to your insurance company. The affected area must also entail the source where the sewage is backed up, the damaged items if any like electronic equipment, dryer, washing machine, furnace etc. There are rare items which are salvageable and unluckily, the carpet and pad must be torn out.