8 Things Brisbane Removalists Want You To Know Before You Move

Moving is so much more than packing belongings in a box ready to load into the back of a truck, as Brisbane removalists, there are certain things we want you to know that will ensure a smooth, stress-free move for you and us.

  1. Don’t make boxes too heavy

Not only should you avoid making boxes too heavy, avoid packing heavy items into big boxes because doing so makes it extremely hard for removalists to lift. The weight of the box can also cause the tape holding the box together to come undone. Instead, pack heavy items into smaller boxes and ensure there is sufficient tape to support the box. Not too keen on packing boxes? Why not use professional packing services instead?

  1. Label your boxes correctly

Not only will correctly labelling boxes help you when it comes time to unpack, but it will also help the removalists determine how the boxes should be loaded into the truck, taking consideration of boxes containing fragile items. Also, properly labelled boxes will ensure removalists can place them in the correct rooms when unpacking the truck.

  1. Protect fragile items

There’s nothing worse during a move than opening a box to find broken items but, when the items were not correctly protected in the first place, the responsibility falls on you. Always ensure your fragile and breakable items are sufficiently wrapped with bubble wrap, newspaper or towels to withstand any bumps or movement during transport.

  1. Make room to park the truck

It can be frustrating for both removalists and neighbours when there is nowhere to park the truck apart from on the street. Before the removalist arrives, make space in your driveway or, reserve some room on the footpath, so no one else parks their car there before the truck arrives.

  1. Lock your pets away

Pets, particularly dogs, are cute but they can make things difficult when it comes to moving house. Some dogs don’t like strangers and others like hanging around ankles, wanting to play. Unfortunately, this just makes work for removalists unsafe with the risk of being bitten or tripping over while carrying boxes or furniture. On moving day, keep your pet secured outside or arrange them to be looked after by a friend, family or at a boarding kennel.

  1. Empty your drawers  

Although you might find it easier for you to keep items in drawers, it makes furniture a lot heavier to lift and can also be dangerous if items fly out while the furniture is being carried. Ensure all drawers are completely empty before your move.

  1. Keep your valuables

If you’ve got valuables like jewellery, a digital camera, iPhone or laptop computer, it’s best to keep them with you and transport them yourself to avoid damage.

  1. Let the removalist do their thing

It’s understandable that some people can be protective of their own belongings, but engaging Brisbane removalists with experience and a reputation of reliability means that they know exactly how to move furniture and other belongings and have the proper equipment to do it.

Moving home or office is a team effort. The more you can do to help your removalists, the smoother the move will be.

David Extra is the owner of Xtra Care Removalists Brisbane and strives to make every home and office move easy and stress free for his clients. Xtra Care Removalists service the Greater Brisbane area including Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba.