Bathroom Tile Trends That Will Stay Forever

Bathrooms are no more just a place to take a shower but with time they have become sanctums to unwind and repose. Therefore, thinking of changing your bathroom tiles can be a cumbersome deal as far as it comes to money. Quite expensive and thought-provoking, if your money spent on changing your bathroom tiles would be in trend for next few years or if it will be out of fashion very soon! Colourful glass, patterned and subway tiles are in vogue now. The things now we need to check are that you don’t overdo things which might look wow, but would then vanish in some years.

Without burning your pocket, you might select trends and designs which would be in budget and you need to go with the trends and design that will be affordable and ageless.

  1. STONE LOOKS TILES: If you are a nature freak and would love to spend time in the lap of nature then go with stone looks tiles which create a natural look. Natural stone tiles are unique and gives a pleasant appeal. Nowadays porcelain tile designs of the latest types are so real that it’s actually difficult to differentiate between the real thing and man-made product.
  2. SUBWAY TILES: As we say “Old is Gold” Subway tiles, no doubt is an archaic trend yet everlasting. These are not only economical but also timeless. The only risk may be boring a subway tile, but if you add a unique twist to the classic original it adds a fresh look giving you a deluxe bath.
  3. MARBLE LOOK TILE FLOORING: Marble flooring in bathrooms is a real royal and classic thing for floorings. I suggest sticking to marble because it looks clean and elegant. Marble is timeless. Bright, clean, elegant marble floors have been one of the hottest gems on the flooring market for years.
  4. TERRAZZO TILES: At the moment a new trendsetter in the market is Terrazzo tiles. The pattern and natural stone is damn appealing, that it looks forever. Terrazzo smoothly adapts to different finishes and tones and often acts as showstopper. Terrazzo tiles acts as a perfect balance between vintage and modern design. So you can be dead sure that your bathing experience would be always pleasant for years!
  5. GLAZED TILES: They always look clean and fresh (that’s how bathrooms should always be, right?!) and excellent for light reflection around the bathroom. You may opt for some fresh whites or faint neutrals or may play with some pop of color or may be a more bizarre format, with a spectrum of shades.
  6. GLASS TILES: Recent advances in technology have resulted in glass tiles for floors. It creates a special aura of light and glaze, the two special factors which may turn your bath into an ethereal experience. And be rest assured that glass tiles are there till eternity!

So you can safely consider one of these ideas to renovate your bathroom with these trending fashions and they will surely stay forever adding “wow” to your bathroom forever.