Getting Your Favorite Door From Richards-Wilcox Door Hardware

Doors are essential not only because of making homes secure but also for creating a welcoming entry to a house, garage, store, or any other facility. Identifying a reliable garage is vital in ensuring you have a door that meets your needs and expectations. Despite the existence of many stores that claim to sell genuine products, it is not rare to come across scammers.

Richards-Wilcox Door Hardware has been manufacturing hardware and doors accessories for over a century. Our high-quality products are reasonably priced and you will never regret getting into our store. The company understands the importance of durability and strength when it comes to the doors, and that’s why we use the best materials and hardware when making them.

Sliding Doors

At a time when space is becoming more expensive every day, designing a door that will save on space is essential. At Richards-Wilcox Hardware, you will find sliding doors for both exterior and interior uses. They are specially designed doors for different uses.

For historical, architectural, or residential applications, you can use sliding barn door tracks. Animal hospitals and zoos can go for stall doors and hardware. When you want to save space on your dog’s kennel, guillotine door hardware is the best option. But more importantly, contact Richards-Wilcox anytime to get a professional opinion on the best sliding door for your property.

Swinging Doors

We at Richards-Wilcox Door Hardware are known for producing high-quality swinging doors. We have both inswing or outswing door. Although inswing doors need adequate space to operate, they are secure given that the hinges are inside. When you do not have large space on the inside, you can go for outswing doors. Selecting hinge designs without removable pins can discourage would-be intruders when using outswing doors.

Slide-fold Doors

Slide-fold doors are also good in space saving. They are among the best options for wide door spaces of even over 64 feet. The use of heavy duty and multi-point locking hardware makes it easy to open, fold, and slide these doors. The doors come in different designs and could be made of materials such as flush sill, aluminium, or wood.

Check on our website the various door designs available so as to get an idea on what you may need. You can also contact us with the necessary details to have a professional propose the best door for your house. Feel free to try the various products offered by Richards-Wilcox to understand why thousands of customers have trusted the company for over 100 years.

You can contact Richards-Wilcox Door Hardware any time when you want assistance regarding door installation. There is free shipping across the United States on orders $250 and above.