Guidelines to finish your basement ceiling

To design your basement you have to think about walls, selecting the best flooring and the most important transforming the ceilings to give spacious look. Basement ceilings by snap clip recommend you to consider all the ceiling options and have a proper estimate before starting any project.

The biggest issue to finish a basement ceiling is overcoming various hurdles. This includes plumbing or drainage systems, heating ducts, electrical connections, pipelines and gas lines. It is a major challenge to design anything around such obstructions. After all this hindrance you still want the basement to look great. Well in such a case professional companies like basement ceilings by snap clip can guide you well and help you get aesthetic basement look in your budget.

To get finished look, you will have to hide pipes, wires and so on and still get accessibility of them. Thus, follow the below-mentioned guidelines and get the ceiling which you desire.

  1. Select the preferred ceiling

You can just paint the ceilings to blend all the obstructions. However, if you are installing finished looking ceiling then it will give a much beautiful look to your basement.

Check out below options to design your ceilings:

  • Drop-Ceiling: The easiest and cheapest option is a drop-ceiling. With the help of such ceilings, you can cover up the pipelines and gas lines. Also, it can give you all kinds of accessibility.
  • Drywall Ceiling: This is another great choice to give you ceilings a nice finished look and use the space well. However, to install it you will need some additional support so that you get access to plumbing and wiring system.
  • Acoustic Tiles: To make the basement soundproof, the best option is to put drywall over the walls whereas use acoustic tiles for suspended ceilings.

Tip from basement ceilings by snap clip: In case you have a low ceiling, best option is to install drywall ceiling as it conserves the space.

  1. Installation of Ceiling

You will need hammer, wire, nails and an installation kit to fix a tile ceiling. Next, you just have to follow the basic instructions from basement ceilings by snap clip. If you have a drop ceiling, damage tiles are easily replaceable. In case you opt for drywall, apart from the toolkit, you will need some manpower for support. Also, leave some space to access pipelines or drainage systems and ventilation in case of drywall.

  1. Give a finished look

It is not just enough to transform the ceilings. You also need to give it a finished look and match it with your other décor. You have to think about using the remaining space. Get some good ideas from basement ceilings by snap clip and remodel your basement with class.