How much roofing companies charge for Roof Replacement?

Are you thinking how much it costs to replace a roof?

The question sounds very simple, however, the answer is quite vivid. It is not possible to get the cost if you just ask the professionals. For proper estimation, a detailed inspection is a must.  As it is well known that roof replacement is the most costly thing for people. In various regions, roofing companies charge varied rates.

So what cost is involved in roof replacement?

There are various kinds of options available via roofing companies. Popular among them are asphalt shingles or asphalt roofing and metal roofing. Let us comprehend both.

Cost of Asphalt Roofing

Pros and cons of roofing type vary as per the material. It is decided on the basis of aesthetic as well as functional factors.

Roofing companies in Canada generally charge below prices for asphalt roofing.

For roofs which are steep:

Asphalt Roof Shingles Price Range (per square foot)
Basic cost $2.00 – $3.50
Medium cost $2.70 – $4.00
High-end cost $4.25 – $5.25
Luxurious cost $5.50 – $6.50


It is a huge investment when you opt for roof replacement. However, choosing roofing companies which are efficient enough, makes the result notable. Such companies help you inspect all the elements of the roofing system and finally come up with the costing.

However, you should note that roofing companies also apply “40% materials versus 60% labor” formula. Above cost structure is just a guideline. In cost at times, overhead charges are also included.

Cost of Metal Roofing

Many people are inquisitive to know them metal roofing cost.

Well, all you need to do is multiply the area of the roof with the installation cost per square foot. For instance, the average size of the roof is 2000 square foot. Cost of a metal roof is approximately $8.50.  So the average metal roof costing would come somewhere around $17,000.

Technically, metal roofing may cost 2-3 times more in comparison to medium level asphalt shielding.

Metal Roofing Price Range (per square foot)
Economical $4.50 – $6.50
Steel based $8.50 – $10.00
Aluminium shield $9.50 – $12.00
Vertical panel based $12 – $25
Exotic or luxurious $18- $25


Asphalt roofing quality as well longevity is very low. You can replace the roof every 8 to 12 years. On the other hand, if you wish to stay for long in your home, high-level metal roofing is a great option.  

There are other various kinds of roofing options like cedar shingle, slate roofing, green roof and more.

Apart from the above, roofing companies have different charges for different types of roof. One is the pitched roof and other a flat. Pitched roofs are more costly than flat ones.  Hence, quotes of roofing companies will vary depending upon the material used and type of roof.