How Often Should You Replace the Carpet in Your Home?

High-quality carpet can last for around ten years. Caring for and having your carpet professionally cleaned regularly can extend its life. The lifespan of your carpeted flooring, however, will greatly depend on how well you care for it and the level of daily wear and tear it endures throughout its life. No matter how well you care for your carpeted floors, they will eventually need to be replaced.

Watch for These Common Signs Your Carpet Needs Replacing

1. Stains

Most carpets feature stain resistant finishes, but these wear off with time.

2. Smells

A stinky carpet is a dirty carpet. Spills and pet accidents can penetrate deep into fibers, padding and the substrate.

3. Wear and Tear

Rips, tears and matted fibers can’t be helped by a professional cleaning.

4. Worn Carpet Padding

A professional cleaning doesn’t quite reach the padding beneath carpet. Bumps, wrinkles or crinkling mean the carpet needs to be replaced.

5. Indoor Allergies

Frayed fibers in old carpet trap more dust and allergens than a new carpet with a tightly woven knap.

6. Generations Have Walked on Your Carpet

Old carpet starts to deteriorate after about 10 years, whether you have taken good care of it or not. If you still have a groovy-green shag from the 1970s, you should consider replacing it.

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