How to Strengthen Security in Commercial Establishments

No matter where we look, it is inevitable to see commercial establishments on almost every corner or street. As customers who continue to support these businesses, we want these places to be safe and secure at all times. In this article, we examine the importance of safeguarding these places and how to fortify security measures:

The Need to Protect Commercial Spaces

Businesses and other industrial sectors quickly found their way in many parts of the world. In fact, you might find these trading industries in your nearby supermarket, the neighbourhood grocery store or simply your favourite after-work bar hangout. According to a study conducted by the Australian Government through the Australian Institute of Criminology, there have been consistent findings that commercial sites are exposed to more risks compared to residential counterparts.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there have been numerous cases of unlawful intent in 2016. Australia’s crime statistics regarding illegal and forced break-in increased by a whopping 3%, amounting to 188, 756 victims for the said year alone. Around 67% of these individuals had property stolen from them. Some of the victims even experienced motor vehicle thefts which occurred in a retail store or in a transport location.

These incidents can be traumatising not only to victims but to the business owners themselves. In the end, as leaders and providers in the industry, it is their responsibility to take care not only of their surrounding but also their very customers and premises. As individuals who have suffered from difficult experiences, this might affect the physical, mental and emotional health and welfare of the victims.

To address these safety threats, changes need to be introduced. Below are some helpful ways which could defend organisations from criminals, thieves and other wrongdoers:

  • Build Security Features – There are many state-of-of-the-art technologies which can aid in protecting businesses. Besides availing security alarms in Brisbane, CCTV cameras, motion sensors and other security monitoring services, corporations can also get other features for their premise. There are steel doors, bullet-proof glass and lockable cash offices available. Adding these elements can deter criminals from entering a place. Since these are visible measures, this would discourage potential evildoers from continuing their initial plans.
  • Orient Staff – Employees are the ones usually manning the place. Because of this, they should be given the proper training and orientation when it comes to tackling these kinds of circumstances. Should there be threats against the safety and protection of the customers, clients, staff and the building itself, they should know the procedure to follow and the right authorities to call.
  • Employ Guards – Specially trained, Brisbane security guards add another layer of protection to any property. With well-trained and knowledgeable guards watching over your place, you can get the peace of mind you deserve knowing they can prevent unwanted incidents from escalating or even happening.

Keep commercial organisations protected with these steps. In the end, there is nothing better than keeping your community and establishment safe for continued customer patronage.

Author: Carrie Sze