Incredible Lighting Ideas For The Contemporary Living Room!

Redefining the living room of your home can be a challenge, especially if you don’t want to away with the furniture. Much like furniture, lighting plays a dominant role to creating an ambience a room, and with options like Le Studio Luminaires éclairage, rethinking your living room with a change in lighting is easier than ever. In this simple post, we bring a few ideas that will come handy in selecting the right kind of lighting solutions.

Invest in a few floor lamps

The best part of having standalone lights is installation. You don’t have to change the electrical setup or drill new holes – Just plug in the light in a socket, and it would transform your room. When it comes to floor lamps, two things need the most attention. The first obvious aspect is placement; you want to place the lamp at a place where it’s not overshadowed by furniture or anything else surrounding it. Secondly, the shape and design are important. You need something that’s not run-of-the-mill stuff.

Go for sculptural suspension lights

Also called pendant lights, suspension lights are great for adding focus lighting at the right places. If the living room and dining area of your home are common, you can opt for sculptural lights right over the dining space or over the common seating area. With suspension lights, you can play around with shapes, structures and styles, without changing anything on the floor. This can be a standalone singular suspension light or a structure that incorporates a bunch of bulbs or LEDs to create something unique.

Chandeliers never fade

Traditionally, people associated chandeliers with incredibly big homes, but the new-age designs are not only shrunk in terms of size but are also contemporary in style. A chandelier is like the focal point of your living room, and since these tend to be have a more glamorous appeal, it makes sense to minimize most of the other forms of living in the house.

Considering soft lighting

For the living space, you don’t want bright or extremely sparkling lights. Consider softer and warmer lighting ideas that make an environment for happy conversations. Wall fixtures and lights are also great, but you can probably achieve more with pendant and standalone lights that kind of merge well in almost any kind of living room.

Finally, consider the existing theme of your home, which should influence the choice of lighting.