Lawn Maintenance 101: 8 Fast Facts About Sprinkler Systems

If you have been watering your lawn manually for much of your life, it’s time to consider going in a different direction and having a sprinkler system installed.

Sprinklers play an important role in keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. They keep the grass healthy while efficiently making use of your property’s resources.

Read on to learn more about sprinkler systems, their benefits, and the proper maintenance to ensure they perform their best.

1.   The higher the water pressure, the better.

Sprinklers should have high water pressure to perform well, according to experts in sprinkler repair and installation in Amarillo, TX. Make sure to check the markings on their “heads” to ensure that the pressure of water is regulated. This will also prevent overpowering of the pumps while still ensuring that their efficiency is maintained.

2.   There is a sprinkler head for every purpose.

Sprinklers come with two different types of heads: rotary and fixed. These two put out varying amounts of water and, as such, are best used in specific situations.

Fixed sprinkler heads, as their name implies, are immovable. This makes them perfect for keeping a specific part of the lawn watered. Rotary sprinklers, on the other hand, distribute water to a larger area by rotating while spraying.

When deciding what sprinkler head to use, make sure to have your trusted lawn maintenance service provider plan the layout of your sprinkler system. Doing so will ensure that the use of the device is optimized and that the entire lawn is watered well throughout the seasons.

3.   Sprinklers prevent the spread of disease and weeds.

Watering your lawn manually not only consumes too much time and effort, but also causes weed growth and the spread of disease when water stays on the grass for prolonged periods.

With sprinkler systems, every single part of your lawn is watered directly, so there is less standing water (that causes leaf disease) left on the grass. This also helps to reduce the emergence of weeds since the water only reaches the right vegetation — the grass.

4.   Properly maintained sprinkler systems save money.

Like any other equipment or device, sprinklers should be kept in their best condition for peak performance. If your sprinkler system is not properly maintained, you might not get the most out of what you paid for. It might even cause you to spend more on your water and electric bills.

Because of this, sprinkler repair and installation experts in Canyon, TX strongly recommend performing regular maintenance at least twice every season, if not once a month. The process should also include the testing of all of the sprinkler system’s components, including the wires, batteries, and sprinkler heads.

5.   Sprinklers are best activated in the morning.

While watering in the evening is practical for homeowners since no one is using the lawn during this time, lawn maintenance experts still consider mornings as the ideal time to activate sprinklers. This is because mildew and molds are more likely to spread with increased moisture at night since the excess water won’t evaporate the way it would in the warmth of the sun during midday.

6.   Sprinklers come with rain sensors.

Rain sensors are very convenient and practical when installed in automated watering systems. Most sprinklers today are equipped with these features to ensure that the lawn does not get oversaturated with water from heavy precipitation.

7.   Sprinklers should be season-sensitive.

Like rain, snow and other changes in the weather should also be considered when installing a sprinkler system for your lawn. In the summer, extra watering may be needed to deal with the extreme heat and to ensure that the grass stays hydrated. During months when snow and rain are frequent, the activation of sprinklers should be reduced or switched off entirely to avoid wasting water and overwatering.

8.   Sprinkler repair should be done by professionals.

Repairing damaged sprinklers should never be a DIY project, unless you’re an expert with irrigation systems yourself. While you can deal with some tasks regarding the maintenance of the device, you can benefit more from hiring professionals to do the job. These professionals can produce top-notch results and they have experience in overcoming additional problems that may occur. This will also help you avoid unnecessary headaches in dealing with something you’re not trained to tackle.

A Final Word

The importance of sprinkler systems cannot be overstated in lawn care and maintenance. This is the very reason why it’s good to fully understand how these neat innovations can make your life easier and how you can help keep them working as they should.