Our project in commercial vs. residential painters/decorators

The perception of colors is individually for each person. But scientists have proven that the effects of individual shades can affect internal comfort. For example, some gray shades can lead to depression, and some colors can affect appetite and well-being.  That’s why, when constructors planning some interior for industrial and public institutions, they go to residential decorators.  These specialists are paying great attention to the selection of colors.

Of course, professional designers will help you to choose the best exterior house paint. Specialist with professional art education will prompt interior paint ideas, which will create the necessary atmosphere in each room.

But the residence decorator (RD) has some differences from the commercial decorator. The first is focused on an individual approach. He conducts private negotiations with the owner of the house. Together they choose the best exterior house paint, based on his personal opinions and wishes. For example, the painter decorator can independently paint the room.

If we talk about a commercial painting, then the clients in this case are official institutions. Therefore, commercial decorators (CD) are usually hired by enterprises to paint different premises — offices, warehouses, laboratories, research departments, educational institutions, galleries, banks, even schools and hospitals.

When doing these projects, specialist pay attention how the combination of colors exterior house paint, interior wall paint will affect the interior atmosphere, well-being and productivity of the employees of the establishment. The office is painted with a one color, the restroom or comfort zone – in other shades.

Besides, inside offices, banks or hospitals there are a large number of people, so when we choosing a paint, we must be really prudent. That’s why industrial painting specialists choose only quality paint with special composition. The industrial paint must be safety for people and environment. The composition should not include toxic materials or heavy metals. Besides, it must have an antibacterial coating.

In places where there are always many people, the material is subjected to increased loads. Special paint has better resist to wear and mechanical damage. This allows to maintain a pleasant appearance longer. Of course, this paint cost a little bit more, but this purchase is right.

That’s why commercial decorators have a lot of responsibility, and advanced knowledge in this area. Usually, specialists are members of a health and safety authority or professional association that can guarantee quality work. He must provide all the features of each project and implement it. Of course, every decision must comply with the requirements of safety, ecology and the wishes of the client.

So, if you need professional industrial decorators, then you should visit our site. We offer a wide range of services, and also have the appropriate personnel and special industrial painting equipment. Individual approach, help in choosing shades and high-quality work are our main advantages.

Our professional decorators will be able to carry out any project, according to the tasks. With the help of special equipment (industrial painting machine), our employees will conduct quality painting in a short time. To learn more about our capabilities, contact our representatives.