Photo Exhibition Captures the Beauty of Mount Bromo

Wonderful Indonesia

The two-day Mount Bromo exhibition presents the outcomes of unique cooperation of Indonesian photographers HasiholanSiahaan, Ali Masduki, and Sabki, and French photographer Jean-Jacques Werner.

“The call to Conserve Mount Bromo’s unique landscapes in photos started four years ago when I visited the area. Other than photography, I also love to travel, and that fire has become a personal impulse to immortalize the landscape and show it to the entire world,” stated Jakarta-based Hasiholan at a media conference at South Jakarta on Thursday.

The 2,329-meter high mountain, which is part of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, is among the most active volcanoes in East Java.

Mount Bromo can be a sacred mountain for the Tengger tribe which occupies the area. The name Tengger Derives from legendary Princess RaraAteng, daughter of King Brawijaya, and son of a priest John Seger, that had been tied in forbidden love.

“When we talk About Bromo, it will be a neverending story for me. I visited the site six times, but not feel satisfied with my photographs. Bromo has so many items to offer,” explained Masduki.

The 96-page book features more than 100 panoramic photos of Bromo and its indigenous communities captured together with the 16-to-35-millimeter lens 16Canon 1 DX and 70-to-20-millimeter lens Canon D70 cameras. Hasiholan said the album was made to raise funds to maintain the traditions of Tengger people.

“Nowadays, many youthful Tenggerese prefer to work in cities. When the volcano erupted not long past, the number of tourists declined, and the neighborhood is struggling to make ends meet. We expect this exhibition and the publication will help to draw in more tourists to visit the region and to teach young Tenggerese concerning the importance of preserving their beautiful culture.”

Sacks stated the Cooperation with his two friends (Hasiholan and Masduki) would not end with the exhibition. He said they intend to explore Sulawesi Island next year.

“We’re planning to have a similar display and, hopefully, we’ll launch another photo book. Our second year’s goal is to explore Sulawesi and study an almost extinct tribe of Farmalin.”

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