Should You Print Metal Photos?

Metal artwork has been around for thousands of years. In fact, metalworkers have used this as a form of self-expression since as far back as ancient times.  Today, we see metalwork not only art, of course, but in machines and equipment we use every day.

But metal is most uniquely celebrated in modern artwork. As a matter of fact, metallic prints—high-definition art prints made out of sleek metal panels that are layered with any image—are somewhat common today.  The most common metal used in this type of artwork is aluminum.

When it comes to Big Acrylic metal prints, there are two basic surface types:

  • Brushed Metal surface—silver basecoat that peeks through the image to enhance the foundational metallic elements while also muting some of the images colors
  • True Color surface—white basecoat that supports the most vibrant colors

As well as two basic finish types:

  • Glossy finish—provides vibrant and crisp appearance for either basic surface type
  • Matte finish—provides more subtle and subdued look, muting of color for either of the basic surface types

It is important to remember that glare is less of a problem when you choose metal prints, regardless of the surface and finish you choose.  Basically, when you go with metal prints, there is no glass to reflect light. Of course, it is still commonly recommended that you do not leave metallic art or prints in direct sunlight, as this can encourage fading over time.

At the same time, if you know that you want to mount your photo on a metal print, you need to make sure that photo is of the highest possible resolution.  This will help to ensure that your image appears crisp and professional. This is important because printing a photo onto metal is a direct process, which means that the image and metal become one-and-the same.  

But at the end of the day, when you use metal printing for your photos, you will certainly notice a vast difference between that and your traditional photo prints, or even canvas photo prints.  Because the image is infused with the metal sheet, it will be far more radiant and vibrant. Not only will the colors be sharper, but the nuances of blacks and grays will be more noticeable, too. And since metal sheets are quite durable, you can rest assured your metal prints will last much longer than traditional photo prints.