Six Unique Ideas on Using Glass to Modernize Your Home

There are more ways that simply investing in custom windows to make your home standout and look sleek and updated. A qualified craftsman and installation professional can modernize your home with glass in numerous unique ways.

1. Glass Floating Stairs

Imagine walking into the home and seeing seamless glass stair treads seemingly levitating in the air leading to the next floor. Open staircase designs allow light to flood the room and add an instant visual appeal.

2. Glass Floors

Also called floor lights, walk-on glass flooring panels allow for light to flow between home levels, especially when placed directly under sunlight or alongside patio doors, glass floors. Besides looking modern, this addition becomes an immediate focal point from top floors.

3. Glass Ceilings

While skylights are wonderful additions, one can also take a more modern approach with a sleek glass ceiling style roof. These will let in twice as much light as vertical windows and can brighten dark corners and make spaces feel larger.

4. Glass Room Additions

Those seeking to add an extension onto the home to use as a sunroom, reading space, or for gardening should consider installing a glass walled room. A glass box extension is modern and contemporary while providing additional airy space in the home without compromising the structure.

5. Glass Partitions

Glass partitions within homes are trendy and modern additions that can help create a sense of connectivity and flow between rooms. Enjoy the benefits of a physical separation with visual confluence or opt for a more private installation with frosted glass or privacy glass that can transition to opaque as desired.

6. Glass Internal Doors

Oversized inside doors with glass panels are chic and classy and give homeowners an optional view of crystal clear, frosted, etched, glazed and privacy glass. Areas will feel less cramped and enclosed in areas divided by glass doors.

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