Soft Story Retrofitting in Los Angeles

Pasadena which is situated in the northeast of downtown Los Angeles is famous for the annual Rose Bowl, Rose Parade, charming shopping, and dining and art deco buildings. Well, the city was hit hard when the Northgate Earthquake struck in 1994. Like other neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Pasadena is also required to perform the mandatory soft story retrofitting before the deadline given by the year 2022. Well, all the new buildings are already made with the safety measure to stand firm in front of the earthquake.

What is the Soft Story Building?

1994’s earthquake has caused massive destruction due to which the building codes have been changed in the entire Los Angeles. As per the new laws, all the new construction should be made with the safety measure and the older building that is not retrofitted should be done by 2022. Soft story retrofit program will make structure strong and vulnerable to earthquakes. The buildings should have at least three stories, open ground floors, commercial house shops as well as restaurants, etc. Shear walls or steel frames should be added in the building to suffer the hit by an earthquake. If it seems doubtful to you, then a professional soft story retrofitting contractor in Pasadena will help you with the solution and cost.

What should you do after receiving a notice?

If you have also received a notice for meeting the criteria of the soft-story retrofit program then, you should contact the professionals like Retrofitting 360. They will help you to analysis the whole situation as well as provide you with an outline on which the work of retrofitting will be done. A city official will give a valid permit to the contractor so that the work won’t be interrupted in the middle and your job doesn’t be disturb. So, make your life happy and safe by taking help of Retrofitting 360.