Suspect a Plumbing Problem? 6 Silent Hints to Watch Out For

It can sometimes be difficult to spot a problem if you don’t know what to look for. This is especially true for plumbing. Since most parts of a plumbing system are either buried under the floor or hidden within the walls, determining whether or not there’s an issue can be challenging.

Whether you bought a home or had one built entirely from scratch, it is important that you know the signs of bad plumbing or potential plumbing issues to avoid a bigger catastrophe. This will save you from headaches and the costs that come with redoing the entire plumbing system entirely.

6 Hidden Signs of Plumbing Issues

Knowing what to look for can help you act on the issue right away and call a professional plumber before it gets much worse. Make sure to deal with plumbing problems the moment they appear by watching out for these six signs:

1.     Discolored Pipes

When checking exposed pipes in the sink or the basement, you might be able to spot some discoloration. This may seem harmless if you don’t know what it means, but it actually hints that there’s been a moisture leak in your plumbing system.

To assess the situation, you should check for potential drips from the drain line or a slow leak along the supply line. The latter is a more serious matter, so make sure to contact an expert plumber to fix it as soon as possible.

2.     Odd Sounds Coming from the Tap

Most people rely on their sense of sight to determine a plumbing issue, but your sense of hearing can also help. Some homeowners shrug off unusual sounds produced from switching the tap on. Others even start getting scared for the wrong reasons, thinking that there might be a mysterious source for the strange sounds in their house.

The truth is, odd sounds like screeching or knocking that comes from your tap is an indicator of air inside the pipes. If there’s air, that means there’s a problem with the bleed-off system. So, call professional plumbing services right away.

3.     Water-Stained and Bubbling Walls

Staining and bubbling walls are also common signs that moisture is leaking into your home. Aside from a roof leak, water stains or bubbling paint on your walls might mean there’s a problem with your plumbing system.

To pinpoint the root cause of this issue, you can start by observing the parameters of the affected area. If the affected walls are in your basement, you’re more likely to find problems in the sewers or pipes. If they’re located in the bathroom or kitchen, you might want to check the sink, tub, shower, or toilet.

4.     Foul-Smelling Drains

Foul smells that come out of drains might mean that your sewage system trap vents aren’t working as they should. For most home designs, vents lead the bad odor from the sewer up to the roof to make sure that they are out of human nose range.

However, unmaintained sewage disposal systems can lead to unpleasant smells which, if left unfixed, might cause serious health problems.

5.     Weak Water Pressure in Several Locations

Water pressure varies depending on your provider, water pump gauge adjustment, and/or the height of the room where the tap is located. If you have low pressure in only one part of the house, chances are you may need to deal with an issue about your tap aerator.

However, if the water pressure is weak in multiple areas in the house, it might signal a bigger problem in your plumbing system. Some of the possible areas your plumber should look into are the water mains, water heater, or the supply line.

6.     Frozen Pipes in Winter

Standard plumbing pipes are manufactured to withstand weather conditions. This means that if the water stops flowing because of frozen pipes, it might be a sign that your plumbing system has been compromised. This is a high-level plumbing emergency as frozen pipes tend to cause bigger problems once they start to thaw, so you need to get expert help immediately.

Get Professional Help

Silent hints often go unnoticed because homeowners are unaware of what they look, smell, or sound like. This serves as a guide for you to avoid bigger problems and a reminder that you should get professional plumbing help, especially for emergencies, to ensure that the issue is dealt with properly and efficiently.


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