The Contemporary House, the Trend of the Moment

To build one’s house is, first of all, to engage in a phase of reflection, custom or catalog? Contemporary or traditional? There is an abundance of possibilities in choosing the pattern of your place that you will need to examine. To help you select, here are guides, the benefits, and flaws of each model. In modern years, people have been tempted by the contemporary house, and it is true that this style of house has significant advantages for future owners. Contemporary homes give pride of place to the space and the optimization of it, and it’s ideal to generate the most of your home. It is peaceful to live, they acclimatize to all tastes and can take all forms, and we are far from the simple cubic house of the 90s.

The generally flat roof also has its advantages, it adapts very well to the installation of photovoltaic panels by optimizing their exposure to the sun. The electricity produced is directly purchased and can earn you a huge sum of cash each year if you are in a sunny area. Another alternative, the green roof that has the wind in the previous years. True sound insulation and thermal, it gives more a green side to your home. Be careful. However, the roof terrace, and especially the green roof requires fairly regular maintenance and presents risks of tightness if poorly cleaned, the application of the flat roof is also limited. Indeed, in mountainous areas or very rainy areas, the roof terrace is not recommended, due to a less efficient evacuation of snow or rain, in places like this, the metal roofing systems should be adopted. The contemporary house is also a motif to architectural constraints. The local urban plan, defined by the town hall of the district in which you buy your land, organizes the planning rules. In some cases, contemporary architecture is not accepted, and also there is a risk that your building permit will be refused.

The Traditional House, a Sure Profit of the market

The traditional house still has good days in front of them for a very simple reason; it is generally cheaper than the contemporary house. The difference in price is a great advantage because, for the same initial envelope, you can benefit from additional services (large tiles, bi-tone coating).

In addition, the traditional house fits more easily in the urban landscape, requires less maintenance and is very resistant to weather and humidity.