Tips for Maintaining Your Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is known for providing many years of constant service; however, it needs to be adequately maintained to get the most out of it. Since most rotary vacuum pumps are always on 24/7 maintenance, it is normal for them to keep performing well. Below are few tips to help you keep your vacuum pumps in a good state.

#1: Have a Backup Pump

Irrespective of how much maintenance a vacuum pump gets, downtime can still happen. Ensure you always have a backup vacuum pump available to minimize downtime.

#2: Change Your Oil

Regularly changing the oil in your vacuum pump is one of the most relevant things you need to do to keep your pump in a healthy state. It is compulsory that you adhere to a daily oil maintenance routine. 3,500 hours of run time is considered the industry maximum usage standard between pump oil changes. In case your pump runs 24/7, then it works out for five months or 155 days.

#3: Keep it Cool

A natural enemy to any motor is ‘heat.’ Your vacuum pump should be able to have access to fresh air. In case it is enclosed, then cool it down with a fan. If possible, install the vacuum pump in a space with open air. Heat lowers oil viscosity, which hinders its ability to twitch a good vacuum. In case your vacuum pump does not produce a perfect vacuum, things could rapidly deteriorate.

Also, you need to make sure that other related conditions do not overheat the oil. In case your oil gets overheated, it can get harden after cooling down. This can further prevent your pump from functioning well.

#4: Get it Right from First Time

Whether you are thinking about upgrading your present vacuum system or perhaps you have plans of improving your current installation, the need for choosing the right apparatuses for your application from the beginning cannot be exaggerated. Problems could happen from under or over-specification in terms of vacuum performance. And other efficiency problems like longevity and energy. If possible, you can get vacuum pumps to make sure you are starting off on good ground when getting your vacuum pumps.

Whether you are searching for a complete vacuum pump or a single vacuum system, working with the best team of highly trained vacuum technology experts will go a long way in making sure you get the best solution that suits your precise application. These highly skilled vacuum engineers offer site visits to evaluate your requirements. They also provide additional services that may include installation and commissioning as necessary.