Top Pick Mobile Locksmith Tools

Do you want to know what tools do locksmiths use when it comes to unlocking your cars or houses? Are you planning to start a career as a locksmith? Then the good news is, there are a lot of tools available for professional and amateur locksmiths.

Tools are Not Only for the Locksmiths

Anyone who is interested in learning how to pick locks or enter their houses through non-destructive means can use these tools. You might also want to learn new skills that may come handy when you lock yourself accidentally outside your car. Here are some of the most common tools that are common to many locksmiths today.

Locksmith Tools

  1. Super Mica – This is a kind of sheet that can bypass latch bolts. In the movies, you might see actors using credit cards to unlock the latch of a closed room. The super mica works more effectively than credit cards. They are very thin, flexible, and user-friendly. The sheets can also come in multiple sizes and cuts.
  2. Skeleton Keys – These are the kinds of keys that can open warded locks. The keys are simple in shape and can be inserted inside the locks for easy key manipulation. Locksmiths can file the last teeth biting of the skeleton key in order to unlock a cabinet or something similar.
  3. Torsion Wrenches – These are generally used to apply torque to wafer lock. The wrenches are shaped like an L and they are inserted into the knob. The door can be unlocked by using an applied and steady torque after a pair of tweezers has disengaged the lock. These are common for car doors which uses double-sided wafer locks.
  4. Half-Diamond Pick – This is a great addition to a locksmith’s tools. This is used for disk locks and wafer locks. There are full diamond picks as well as three half diamond picks that differ in shallowness, angles, and bases.
  5. Hook Picks – This is quite similar to the diamond pick but the tip is slightly different. This tool has been referred to as a “Finger” or “Feelinger” for locks and knobs. Every locksmith knows that this is the most basic tool that is used by many professionals. The hooks vary in sizes and shapes. This is available as a set.
  6. Decoder Pick – This is a kind of key which can change its notches. The notches can change through screwing the blade base or adjusting the handle. This is a tool used for keys that are stuck into locks. This allows key replacement for emergencies.
  7. Bump Keys – Pin locks can generally be opened by what is known as a bump key. The key’s peak up to the lowest groove can be cut down. The force is applied sharply;y and the door can be unlocked by applying steady torque. If this is done correctly, the key can create a gap where the knob plugs are allowed to freely rotate – therefore easily unlocking the door.