Transform Your Home by Rethinking Doors and Door Hardware

Every single element of the interiors plays an important role in defining the aesthetics. Most homeowners don’t realize the impact that doors have on the interiors. With use and time, even the most stunning door hardware will show signs of usage. In this post, we bring a list of ideas that can transform doors, door hardware, and eventually, your home.

Repainting door furniture – Is it a good idea?

While it is practically possible to repaint the door hardware, it is not the most practical thing to do. This is because you will have to remove all the handles and knobs before you can use spray paint on them. The door hardware must be first cleaned, and you may need to use a sand paper, after which the painting must be done with care, keeping in mind that the paint doesn’t have to go into the lock or the mechanics. The paint must be allowed to dry for at least a day.

All of this can be cumbersome to say the land, and if you don’t pay enough attention to cleaning and priming the surfaces, the final look can be a cheap one. Also, the paint is likely to flake off soon, especially if used extensively, which is quite possible in homes that have kids. ‘

An alternate idea is to replace door knobs and handles, which doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can choose to rethink the finish again. This just saves time, and yes, you can expect the new door furniture to add more aesthetic value to the interiors, while also lasting for years for come.

Choose the right finish

There are varied kinds of durable finishes that you can choose for door knobs and handles, depending on the interior theme. Satin nickel, polished nickel and brushed gold are some of the trending option. Experts agree that changing door hardware finish does add considerable value to the interiors, and you can choose the kind of elegant and unique look you want for each room. Compared to the task of painting door knobs and handles, buying new door hardware is always a better idea, because there’s no need to think of maintenance. Just wiping the knobs with a soft cloth is more than enough. You can check online to find more on maintenance of door furniture.

Go for luxury

There are luxury door handles, which can be useful for homes that have a richer, texture-based theme. A good example is the crystal interior door furniture collection, which has unique options like Swarovski door handles and special level door handles.

Painting the door

If you want to transform the door itself, you can choose to pain it. The door must be removed and laid flat on a surface to get the right kind of even painted look. Make sure that you have removed all the replacement door handles before the actual paint is applied.

With a tad more attention to detail, redefining your doors and the house shouldn’t be a hard task.