When a person dies, and the remains are left unattended for an extended period, the process of handling the cleanup of the decomposed body solely rests on the already pain stricken family. After the removal of the body, there will be damages within the home. It’s essential to effectively remove all forms of biological fluids left behind after the body has been removed. In no time, the bacteria and organic called that have developed so far will begin to give rise to a very disgusting odor. During the hot or summer period, the damage tends to speed faster thereby posing a health threat to the individuals in that environment. Personal properties which can retain those odors need to be thrown away as well. Cleaning up unattended death is one of the hardest jobs we take on, but it is always our pleasure to help restore the most difficult occurrences to a clean and disinfected status. In this line of business, a situation involving a decomposed or decomposing body is referred to as an unattended death. But in certain parts of the world, the damage can worsen in no time. Unattended Death cleanup Augusta Georgia provides its services to property owners, individual families, commercial facilities and healthcare facilities as well.

We are always available to serve you. We provide a stress-free unattended death scene cleanup service. Always fully equipped with a biohazard suit and personal protective equipment when going into affected areas to ensure any biohazardous pathogen is kept within and wholly gotten rid of after we are done. We will work till you are fully satisfied, and we will also communicate with you as we progress, providing complete documentation of everything.

We clean, disinfect and deodorize

The job of remediating should be carried out by a professional body like ours. We will clean, disinfect and deodorize all affected surfaces while working in line with the accredited safety and disinfection processes. After effective cleaning and adequate disposal of affected items, we will carry out a fluorescence test with the aid of adenosine Tri-phosphate to verify if our sanitation level is high. This same test is carried out in the hospital as well as health care facilities. Get the best Unattended death cleanup Augusta Georgia