What Paint Color Should You Use In Your Home?

Paint comes in a wide range of sheens as well as latex or oil. Latex is most preferred by many because of the ease of cleaning as well as its long-lasting durability. Latex breathes better than oil and is more fade resistant. This results in less paint blistering. However, oil-based paints are great for priming wood and trim as it seals stains and knots better than latex. Oil-based paints also take more time to dry. Most people use an oil-based primer and latex as a top coat. Having this information is vital in choosing the best paint for your home. But when it comes to getting the paint color, there are various factors that play a role in the decision. How do you choose a paint color for your home?

Create a color scheme with color theory

To get the right color paint, you don’t have to study the color theory. There are inexpensive tools that generate color schemes swiftly. By turning a wheel, you get to see different colors and how they relate to each other. While you might not paint with the exact color or colors seen on the wheel, you might choose different shades of those colors for your home.

Be creative with neutral paints

Choosing a neutral paint does not always mean it ought to be an unexciting paint. Rev up your neutral paint palette by getting creative. A striped wall in two neutral colors oozes style yet makes the room look relaxed. A pastel ceiling with neutral wall color is a creative way to add color while maintaining the soothing vibe of the room.

Get your paint color from a print

Starting with a printed fabric is one of the easiest ways to choose an interior paint color. Bedding, throw pillows, and even table linens can give unique ideas on a paint color to choose for a specific room. If looking to create an accent wall, consider the boldest colors in your prints. Also, if you want a paint color for a larger space, look at the small details of the print fabric. Carry a fabric swatch to the store so you can get paint strips to view at home.

Look outside for ideas

Bring the outside in. This is a very creative inspiration for a color scheme. Whether you choose the laid-back blues of a beach or foliage green, exterior-inspired color schemes create an exquisite atmosphere. Be sure to sample your preferred colors during the day and night. Have the window treatments open and closed as well so as to get a clear picture of your choices.

Try a Lighter or Darker Shade

Sometimes all is needed is an adjustment to get your dream color scheme. Before you ditch a paint color too quickly, consider a darker or lighter shade of it. You can ask the paint store to customize the percentages of dark and light.

Getting the visual idea to a real thing can be hard. So, consider the above tips when shopping for the right paint for your home. Also, getting a professional to create the best interior for you, or simply asking for their advice, could serve you in a great way. Having a second pair of eyes could really help you make the tough decisions that are right for you.