What To Do When Your Roof Leaks During A Heavy Storm

If you are expecting a heavy storm, then it is vital to get ready for roof leaks. Even if you believe that you have maintained your roof to a degree, there is still a chance that there is going to be a leak. Make sure that you know how to properly inspect your roof and identify common issues. Have the contact details for your roofing contractor Hanover PA ready for when you spot one.

Look and get rid of tree branches on the roof after a heavy storm

If there are trees surrounding your property, it is highly probable that you are going to experience roof leaks. This may be because of a tree branch falling on your roof. During a heavy storm, you may not be able to hear the tree branch falling on your roof, but the damage will be easy to spot once the storm subsides. Make sure that you get in touch with a roofing contractor Hanover PA as soon as possible because leaving a big tree branch on your roof can be very dangerous.

Collect water using containers that have wheels

To make it easier for you to dispose of the water that is leaking through your roof, you should use containers that have wheels. Upon checking the weather report, make sure that you are prepared with a garbage pail and other water containers before the storm comes.

Find the source as soon as you begin to spot a leak

Dealing with a roof leak can be tough if you don’t know exactly where it is. If the water runs through walls and various parts of the ceiling, you may have a hard time trying to spot where the actual damage is when you are only limited to the inside of your house due to a heavy storm. If you have an attic, you can take a look inside your attic to spot where the roof leak is coming from during a storm. The attic provides you with a safe spot to inspect your roof for damages without having to worry about getting in the danger zone of the storm.

Standby and keep an eye on the skylights

If you have a skylight, you are going to experience a roof leak even if it is installed correctly. Water will find a way to get through the narrowest spots on your roof if it is during a heavy storm. During light rains, then you wouldn’t have to worry about your skylight. To prevent roof leaks through the skylight, you can take advantage of various temporary sealants that can be applied on the interior or exterior of the skylight before the heavy storm comes.

Document damages as they happen

As soon as you spot water leakage through the roof, make sure that you document them. This will make it easier for your roofing contractor Hanover PA to identify issues because they will have a rough timeline of what happened and how they happened.

It’s always best to be prepared especially know weather can be so unpredictable. Make sure you inspect your roof regularly or have the pros do it for you.

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