You’ll Adore Sophisticated Wood Venetian Blinds

Curtains and shutters are not the only options when considering window dressings. Blinds offer a sleek, stylish, space saving solution. They are produced in a wide range of designs, fabrics and sizes to suit all tastes, budgets, privacy needs and lighting demands.

Your window adornment should reflect your personality, blend in to an existing décor or become a feature in a tired space, whatever you wish for. One of the most popular manual operation blinds options in contemporary, commercial and traditional schemes is wood venetian blinds. They’re attractive and compact with horizontal slats in a selection of widths. Venetian blinds boast additional decorative tapes. Easy to clean, low maintenance and durable; what’s not to love?

Who to trust?

When you work with wood blinds experts at Smart, based in Thatcham and Caversham, you benefit from an exceptional service and pricing, craftsmanship and quality products. Your peace of mind is at the heart of this family run firm’s operations. Smart Blinds wood venetian blinds are made from timbers grown in sustainable forests, are affordable high quality made to measure solutions that come with a matching valance and cord pull. Choose from a surprisingly large number of natural and painted slat colours; there’s a wood blind for everyone and every situation.

The future of wood venetian blinds

Blinds suppliers know that there’ll always be customers for manual operation blinds but in the last few years smart technology has become integral to daily life and tasks; window dressings are no exception. Motorised wood venetian blinds are no longer an unachievable luxury.

The convenience of managing your stunning and competitively priced motorised wood blinds via a home automation platform, remote control, an app or voice control is unbeatable. Motorised venetian blinds in traditional real wood offer energy efficiency, insulation and cooling attributes through light and heat sensors which respond to conditions. The motors are housed in the blinds so there are no unattractive features and one battery charge offers 5-7 months of high-performance operation. Plus, motorised wood venetian blinds can be programmed to automatically close or open; control them even when you’re not on the property.

Security is maximised by the automation of blinds; no burglar that sees blinds move will take a chance on whether the occupant is at home or on the business premises.

Maybe you don’t think that smart technology blinds are for you? Did you know that many manual blinds are not moved often by their owners? Humans can be a little lazy! This means, that say, if it gets dark before you get home from work, it is obvious whether anyone is present.

You’re out at work all day; it’s forecast to be 30 degrees Celsius outside. Shading throughout the day would make the rooms cooler, but unless you remember to move the blind, the space will soon be a furnace. Allow the sensors to take the strain.

To learn more about your wood venetian blinds choices, for free measuring and fitting and an installation to be proud of, please contact Smart Blinds friendly team today.