3 Easy Paint Design Ideas to Breathe New Life to Your Floor

What’s not to love with hardwood floors? Absolutely nothing. They’re gorgeous and elegant even after getting scratched and scuffed from years of foot traffic.

But if they’re already worn down with major staining and mismatching boards, you may think that they’re beyond saving. The truth is, you can still breathe new life into them. Decorative floor paint can be used in a variety of flooring materials, including hardwood and concrete.

Although tiles are usually the first thing that comes to mind when you want to go bold-and-beautiful with your floors, you can still try to salvage what is left of your old ones. Instead of replacing the entire thing, you can simply paint over it. Not only can this renew your floor’s beauty, but it also allows you to customize your space however you want to.

Below are three color and design ideas you can try to breathe new life to your floors:

1.   Block Colors

The easiest and simplest way to paint your floors is to pick a color and paint the entire thing with it. However, the challenge lies in choosing what block color to use as different hues offer varying effects and “personalities” to your interior design.

White, light blue, grey, and other floor paints on the lighter spectrum tend to provide a crisp and coastal appeal to a room while brighter ones such as fuchsia and yellow offer a bolder vibe that matches perfectly with equally bold décor. Dark paint like black or deep blue offers depth and a sense of urban aesthetic to a room, making it appear very dramatic.

Below is a breakdown of block colors and what they can do in saving your floors:


Light bounces off white paint, which is why it is the best choice for brightening up a room. Plus, using this hue on your floors tend to open up the space, making it spacious and airy. If you’re looking to make your living room a very airy and extra bright space, try painting your walls and ceiling white.


While this may sound like a bold choice, a pale sage hue can actually provide a calming and cozy feeling to the space when used on the floor. It helps create a homely feel, especially when used with minimal décor with white and brown tones.


Different shades of blue offer varying effects. To create a coastal appeal perfect for bathroom floors, you can choose to opt for a turquoise paint that brings out the color of the wood.


Bright yellow is an eclectic choice for floor paint, especially in bedrooms. When paired with ornate furniture and fixtures, it lends a stunning effect that you won’t regret, providing a welcoming aesthetic to the space.


Fuchsia is not a common choice for floor paint, but, believe it or not, it actually offers a unique vibe that best complements pink-hued décor.


Black paint can be used to help create a minimalist design of any space. When used with bright yellow and white fixtures and décor, this particular block color offers a grounding effect that is best for reviving hardwood or concrete floors.

2.   Stenciled Patterns

If you’re taking your floor design to a whole new level, you might want to consider using paint patterns made from stenciling. For this one, geometric patterns are the easiest choice. From stripes to checkerboard patterns, you should be able to paint your floor on your own without worrying about creating a mess.

Aside from being easy, geometric patterns, like a black-and-white checkerboard design, can lend a space with a retro-yet-elegant vibe. Diamond patterns are also great ideas for sprucing up flooring both inside and outside the house.

If you want chic-and-stylish, painting your bedroom floor a cool pattern of pink-and-white zigzags is one way to go. This complements Bohemian décor better than most block colored options.

Also, if painting the floors any shade of grey (or leaving concrete ones in their natural hue) doesn’t work for you, you can try pairing it with white paint. This grey-white striped combo is both neutral and bold, which is best for people who are still feeling their way around interior design.

3.   Freestyle Color Patterns

If you’re imaginative and artistic, you might want to consider freestyling on your bedroom floor. Doing so will help make your room reflect your personality. The best thing about freestyling is the freedom from rules – you don’t need to stay within the line and just let your creativity flow onto your floor.

Resuscitate Your Floor with Paint

Painting over your existing floor is a more affordable alternative to replacing the entire thing. It also provides plenty of benefits and can help lend a specific vibe on a space in order to reflect the homeowner’s unique personality.


Ralph El Eid is the Business Development Manager at COLORTEK – Wall & Floor Fashion. EQUIPAINT is the franchise owner of COLORTEK in Dubai (U.A.E.) and Doha (Qatar); an international paints manufacturer specializing in the widest range of decorative paints and seamless concrete & resin flooring, with a unique showroom concept, and thus an ideal destination for homeowners, consultants, architects, interior designers and paint applicators.