5 things to look out for in a landscape contractor


1) Experience

How long has the company done landscape contracting for? Has the company worked in various situations to be able to understand yours? Are they aware of the potential problems and challenges that will arise when maintaining the landscape? These are the questions that you have to ask when deciding whether a landscape contractor is a right fit for you.

The years of experience and reviews from past customers can reflect a company’s long-standing commitment to do landscaping well or a lack of it. Its reputation also reveals whether they are able to work with different clients and fulfil their different demands.

Whether to get a very experienced or new contractor also depends on your budget and goal of landscaping. An experienced contractor that has been doing the business for years will likely charge higher than new contractors that started the job not long ago. If you are looking for a specialised area of landscaping like maintenance, ensure that the company has the right credentials and manpower.

2) Manpower

You do not want to get a company that promises beyond what it can deliver. Thus,it is good to ask a rough estimate of the manpower and resources that the company can provide as landscaping involve many professionals with specific skills and tasks.

For example, in maintaining a landscape, it requires different services like pest control, fertilisation, maintaining irrigation and drainage systems, as well as grass cutting.

3) Time required for completion

It is vital to look for a company that gives a specific timeline with a breakdown of tasks that will be completed during specific intervals. This is better than being given a rough estimated that is vague. Discuss with the contractor your concerns and time frame to come up with an agreement on a specific and realistic timeframe that meets your goals and budget.

4) Customisation

The company should understand the different needs of clients. Each landscape project varies according to budget, design, layouts, goals, and more. They should have a variety of ideas to choose from that will bring your vision to life.  

The company should also be flexible to the requests of their customers. Thus, do not delay in contacting the company to discuss the specific conditions that you want to be fulfilled in the landscaping project.

5) Warranty

Make sure that they are clear about what is covered under the warranty and for how long. The floors, yards, drainage and irrigation systems should have a warranty for defects, especially when there is a possibility that mistakes in installation can happen.

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