Little Changes That Create a Big Difference with Your Removalist

Moving from one place to another is not a piece of cake. Boxes full of mixed emotions are always blamed no matter how much time you’ve spent in that place.

Various reasons can be stated to justify your feelings. The primary reasons are:

  1. You don’t want to spoil the comfort of settling down at a house (rent or own)
  2. Even if it’s a leased-out house/ unit, you always fall in love with it
  3. Moving puts an immense stress on you and your partner/ family
  4. Budget

Thinking of DIY?

DIY – Do It Yourself, is possibly the most favourite option amongst us all. But the question is, how effective or efficient is DIY packing and moving? As a Removalist Company in Sydney, at AAA City Removalist, we were curious to know about Sydney Siders’ preference in moving. We conducted a small survey and asked around 20 people on their choice.

DIY vs hiring an individual removalist vs hiring a removal company in Sydney

The results: out of 20 people, 11 said they would rather take a professional company’s help than an individual or doing it themselves; 5 said they would call an individual removalist, and 4 said they would rather do it themselves.

We asked them, “Why”?

11 Sydney Siders’ Reasons for Choosing Removalist Companies:

  1. Don’t want to take additional leave from work for packing
  2. Weekends aren’t enough for packing and unpacking (according to many, this will take ‘forever’)
  • Too many delicate items that might break without proper packing
  1. Too much mental & physical pressure
  2. Removalist companies are safe, professional and efficient
  3. Trust issue: a reputed company can be trusted more than an individual removalist
  • Removalist companies offer various packages tailored according to their budget

5 Sydney Siders’ Reasons for Choosing Individual Removalists:

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Can instruct them
  • Hire them for a day and pay accordingly, if approved by the removalist
  1. One man – one van policy is sufficient

4 Sydney Siders’ Reasons for Choosing DIY:

  1. Hardly any budget required. 2nd hand boxes are easily available from friends and family
  2. Packing can be done any time – day or even, middle of the night
  • Mentally stressed out – yes; but, they feel they can pull it off
  1. Friends and family to the aid (a mini reunion)
  2. They are willing to take the risks of getting items broken, paying extra for petrol, and driving up and down uncountable times

Little Changes Can Create a Big Difference when You Choose the Right Removalist in Sydney

We’ve been in removalist business for years. We understand why there are people who would prefer to undergo all the stresses yet refrain from calling a removalist company. Thinking of our general population’s expectations, we wanted to reach out to them, speak to them in their language.

As a leader in the removalist industry, we believe that if there are little changes in the way you pack or the processes you follow during your move can create a big difference.

Here’s a solid explanation. When we pack for you, no matter which package you select, we ensure to follow the golden rules:

  • Each box contains the name of what has been packed and on what room (bedroom, living room, etc). This will help you immensely during unpacking.
  • The fragile items are packed with utmost care and in the finest of the ways. No-break is guaranteed.
  • Important items are kept separately and are given the highest priority.
  • No matter how big or small your move is, we provide 110% of dedication.

Little things matter the most. Let’s catch even the slightest opportunity that comes our way. If you want to experience a six-star moving experience, call the experts at 1800 77 77 81.