The Roof in Recycled Tires, the Roof of the Future?

Tires have finally found a way to live a two useful life: they are transformed into roofing materials! Gray-black tiles made from a mixture of recycled and hemp fiber have recently appeared on the market. Since a roof with recycled tires has a 50-year warranty, it would not be uncommon to see more and more this type of roofing on our homes.

The Benefits of a Recycled Tire Roof

Its good value for money and easy maintenance are compelling advantages. However, the valuation of used tires is more than impressive. This rotproof coating, which mimics the appearance of wood, is resistant to insects, lousy weather and fire. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty, transferable from one owner to another (apparently, you are asked to meet certain conditions).

The Disadvantages of a Roof with Recycled Tires

As this product is new, it is difficult to find competent rubber roofing installers. Also, the commodity is scarce creating a limited supply. More expensive than asphalt shingle roofing and wood roofing, tiles can seemingly fade over time.

Maintenance of a Roof Made of Recycled Tires

The product requires little support. On the other hand, there is not much information concerning its maintenance since it is relatively recent in the Quebec market.

Installation of a Roof Covering Recycled Tires

The setup is long. You must also make sure to install a waterproofing membrane under your tiles.


Who knew tires would be used as roofing for our houses? Well, not much people knew this was coming, but it is here. As a house owner, you are always concerned about the conditions of the roof of your house, and you always want the best quality roofing material that is cost-effective to satisfy that thirst. House roofs made with tires aren’t widely in use yet, but will certainly be a trend in years to come.