What benefits do blackout curtains offer?

Blackout curtains are window treatments that have been made and designed to be effective at blocking out the light. They do this far better than just regular curtains because of the materials used on their making and the weaving of the fabric. Sometimes layers are part of the curtain and sometimes the curtains have a liner added that is what does the work. They block out light at varying degrees, some around 90% and some go as effective as 99%.

When you hear the term you might think of World War II Britain and the use of blackout curtains to stop light from shining out of their homes so German planes could not find them. They very effectively kept whole cities and towns dark. Today though there are several benefits to using them which we will look at. Just know that these are not actually black in color. They can be a variety of styles, lengths, and colors to suit different themed homes and rooms from modern, chic, traditional, country and so on.

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Benefits of blackout shades

1)  Blocking out light for better sleep – where once they stopped light from shining out into the night, now they are used mainly to stop light from shining in. If you are tired of being woken up by the sun early in the morning, have a baby or toddler struggling at nap times, work shifts and need to sleep during the day, blackout shades are the perfect solution to keeping the room just as dark as if it were night time.

You can put them up in all the bedrooms so everyone gets the benefit or just in the rooms of people dealing with a lot of light coming into their room and affecting their sleep. Especially good in the summer when long days mean little children are going to bed when it is still light outside! Also, block out annoying street lights too if you live in a lit up nighttime area and that is bothering you.

2)  In the movie or T.V room – when you have problems with reflections and glares off the screen when you are trying to watch it in a sunny room, blackout curtains are perfect to turn it into a cinema-like atmosphere.

3)  Saving money on energy bills – one large benefit to these curtains is that they help the loss of heat and prevent drafts from coming in more effectively than regular curtains. They are made from heavier material that acts as a barrier. This means you are conserving energy, paying less for your heating so saving money, and still have a snug and warm room. Studies have shown in fact that with blackout shades you can save around a quarter on your bill. Plus you are reducing your carbon footprint and doing something to help the planet.

4)  Less noise pollution and more privacy – If you live in a noisy part of town, maybe you deal with people coming out of bars at night, or a lot of traffic, these curtains can help dampen those noises to keep it more peaceful for you in your house. You can also give yourself more privacy and create rooms that are a place you can completely relax in.